Salt Lake City Break-Ins & How to Combat Them

salt lake city break-ins

Salt Lake City Break-Ins & How to Combat Them

salt lake city break-ins

Do you live in Salt Lake City and did you recently experience a break-in, or know someone that did?

Check out this recent break in that is one of several causing homeowners to decide that it is finally time ot get a security system.

With the holiday season fast approaching, crime rate may be on the rise in some areas. But you don’t have to be another statistic. Let’s talk about Salt Lake City break-ins and one big way to help prevent them.

SLC Break-Ins & How to Prevent Them

Sure, things like getting to know your neighbors, heading up a neighborhood watch, staying up to speed by following the SLC Police Department Facebook community, and even starting a neighborhood/community Facebook to share information fast are some ways to help combat burglaries and other crimes in your community, but there’s one more thing I recommend:

Get a home security system.

But not just any kind of security system will do. You want to go with an industry leader that is constantly developing new devices and technology to keep you and your family secure: ADT Security.

That’s right. ADT is a home security system that can help you take your home defense to the next level.

Let’s take a quick look at some of the ways an ADT system is going to help keep you safe and allow you to rest at ease!

Security Cameras

One of the best features of an ADT system is the security cameras -both indoor and outdoor.

Not only do security cameras let you playback and review activity, with ADT Pulse technology, you can view your cameras in real time from the palm of your hand.

That’s right. Want to be able to check out what is going on inside your home at any moment?

Click here to learn more about ADT Pulse.

If you want to have the highest definition and longer clips also look at the wired camera options called IP Cameras and HD-TVI Cameras.

Deadbolt Security Locks

Have mornings where you can’t remember if you locked your front door as you rushed out to beat the early morning traffic?

Or just want the ability to double check that you did indeed lock up?

With ADT Pulse technology, you can remotely lock or unlock your front door with a smart deadbolt. No more worrying about accidentally misplacing your keys!

Door and Window Sensors

Want to be alerted immediately if a door or window is opened? Door and window sensors make it easy for you to keep an eye on the entrances to your home and stay vigilant.

Not only is this huge for helping with unwanted visitors (read: burglars), it’s also nice if you have little ones running around your house.

Garage Door Control

Just getting into bed but can’t remember if you or the kids left your garage open?

Once again, ADT Pulse technology and a garage door controller make protecting yourself and your loved ones super easy and convenient.

Doorbell Security

In addition to having security cameras (indoor and outdoor) monitoring your residence, a doorbell camera like Ring makes it easy for you to talk to those that come to the door without even needing to be there.

This can help give the appearance that you are home, too!

Get Started Today

An ADT security system will help you prevent Salt Lake City break-ins and make monitoring your home so much easier. If you’re living in the Salt Lake area and looking for a system, now’s a perfect time.

As an ADT Authorized Dealer, our goal is to help you get the best protection possible for the best prices.

Learn more about how Zions Security Alarms can help you today.

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