What does the yellow triangle mean on my ADT DSC Impassa Alarm system

yellow triangle on ADT DSC Impassa

What does the yellow triangle mean on my ADT DSC Impassa Alarm system

Do you own an ADT DSC Impassa alarm system, and have you noticed a yellow triangle symbol on your DSC ADT Alarm system?

You may be wondering what it exactly means. No worries, we’ve got you covered!

Let’s quickly discuss what the appearance of this yellow shape means and what you need to do.

What It Means & How to Fix It

Let’s get straight to it!

A yellow triangle on your DSC ADT Alarm system is also known as a “trouble light.” That means if your symbol is showing, there is currently an issue that needs to be resolved.

A trouble light could mean 1 of 8 problems. To find out what the problem is, you can simply press *2 on your keypad. After pressing this on the keypad, your zone lights should light up, communicating any trouble areas. Here’s a quick look at what your yellow triangle could be telling you:

  1. You’ve lost power. You’ll know this because the keypad will not make a beeping sound but will be lit up. Check the outlet where your system is plugged in. 
  2. One of your zones is currently running on a low battery. (If you’re looking for replacement battery, search no further. Go ahead and click here)
  3. There could be a problem with the telephone line
  4. The panel and central station aren’t communicating properly. (Call and perform a test at 1-800-238-2727)
  5. There is an issue with a zone. You can press 5 on the keypad to see which zone is currently experiencing an issue.
  6. One of your zones has been meddled with. You can press 6 on the keypad to figure out which zones you need to address.
  7. Your system clock is messed up. Just update to the correct time and date. 
  8. You might need to call ADT Customer Service to get the issue resolved. 1-800-238-2727

As you can see, you’ll be able to fix a majority of these problems without help, but if you need ADT Customer Service call them at 1-800-238-2727. If your question is not answered by them or you need extra help, feel free to give us a call here: 1-800-871-2119.

As an Authorized ADT Dealer, we’re 100% dedicated to making protecting your home and loved ones easier than ever.

For More Information on the ADT DSC Impassa Alarm System.

The ADT DSC Impassa alarm system is super popular, and a great option for protecting your home or business.

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Also, if you happen to have a question we haven’t answered yet about the ADT DSC Impassa system, go ahead and leave a comment below, and we’ll get to it as soon as possible!


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