Replacement Transformer for Honeywell Vista or Safewatch Pro Panels

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If you are looking for a replacement transformer to your hardwired security system this could be the one you need.  You just need to know the panel’s brand and model or the power specifications to make sure they match.  If you have a hardwired Honeywell Vista or ADT Safewatch Pro Panel and your transformer needs replacing, this is the one you want.

Output Voltage of 16.5VAC. Compatible with Vista-10p, Vista-15p, and Vista-20P, Vista-40, Vista-50, Vista 128BPT, and Vista 250BPT. It is also compatible with FBII Omni Panels, GE Concord Panels, and DSC Powerseries Panels.

These usually last a long time, but it is not super uncommon for one to go out. They are really easy to replace. Ordering one here and replacing it yourself can save you an expensive service call. It has a screw that holds it in place so it cannot be easily removed.

If you have a cell radio you can have one transformer that is 40VA power both of them.
Main Features

Power Rating: 40 VA
Input Voltage: 110 V AC
Output Voltage: 16.5 V AC
Current: 300 mA Input Current

Connect to your alarm control panel using a 2 conductor alarm wire. Usually 22 gauge wire is all you need if the wire is shorter than 25′. If longer you can use #20 gauge for up to 50′, #18 gauge for up to 100′, and #16 gauge for up to 250′.

The wire is connected to terminals 1 and 2 (labeled AC) on the control panel.

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If you are looking to add more to your system here are some other options to consider.

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