How Your Security System Can Save You Money This Winter

How Your Security System Can Save You Money This Winter


It may be Fall, with red and yellow-colored leaves lining the streets, but let’s not kid ourselves. Winter is definitely on it’s way, and (depending where you live), you probably already see snow shovels and other gear on sale.

With the madness that comes towards the end of the year (I’m talking all the holidays, get-togethers, traveling, gift-giving, and celebrating), money can be especially tight.

We all know that a security system can help you protect your home, but what if I told you that with the smart technology available, it can also help protect your wallet during the winter season?

Well, guess what? A security system with a smart, programmable thermostat like the Honeywell ZWSTAT Z-Wave Thermostat can do just that: help you save money.

Let’s take a look at how this smart thermostat will help you cash and also keep you warm and toasty this upcoming season.

Honeywell ZWSTAT Z-Wave Thermostat

First off, this thermostat is designed with Z-Wave technology, making it compatible with the popular and effective ADT Pulse security system as well as other Z-wave platforms.

Because it is compatible with ADT Pulse, that means you can control it from your smartphone from wherever you are -as long as you have an internet connection.

So, how can having a smart thermostat help you save money? Here are a couple of the biggest ways this top-of-the-line thermostat can:

Adaptive Intelligent Recovery

With adaptive intelligent recovery, Honeywell ZWSTAT Z-Wave Thermostat will essentially learn how long the furnace and air conditioner take to reach the designated temperature setting. This means the programmed temperature will be reached at the appropriate time.

Keypad Lockouts

You will be able to create a minimum and maximum setting, which means your kids won’t be able to tamper with the thermostat and take the temperature outside of the programmed ranges. For those with little ones that can reach things they’re not supposed to, this can be a big relief!

Provide Reminders

Taking care of your air filters, humidifiers, dehumidifiers, filters, and pads is an excellent way to help you conserve energy while still maximizing heating and cooling capabilities. The Honeywell ZWSTAT Z-Wave Thermostat can help remind you to make proper adjustments so you can better maintain your heating and cooling system.

Auto Change Over

With the Z-wave smart technology, this thermostat can automatically change between heating and cooling based upon programmed, indoor temperature settings.

What does this mean? You don’t have to get up, walk on over to the thermostat, and manually adjust it to turn on the heater during cooler times of the day and turn it off when it starts to get warmer. Talk about big time convenience. 

That’s right. No more needing to get up out of bed to adjust the temperature or forgetting to set the thermostat when you leave the house.

Fan Circulation

The fan circulation feature moves air when heating or cooling is not required—saving energy and helping to eliminate hot and cold spots.

See what I mean?

Simply put, the Honeywell ZWSTAT Z-Wave Thermostat makes saving cash and conserving energy more convenient than ever.

One popular way to save money with a programmable thermostat this winter is to turn down the temperature when you don’t need it- like when you’re sleeping.

When these smart thermostats are used as directed, they can save you upwards of 33% on annual heating and cooling costs.*

Start Saving Money Today

Everyone can benefit from saving a little more money this holiday season, and even throughout the year.

With smart technology available through an ADT security system, this is certainly possible.

For a limited time, you can save $49 on this Honeywell ZWSTAT Z-Wave Thermostat. But definitely don’t wait, because this amazing offer won’t be here forever.

As an authorized ADT Dealer, we’re also offering the best deals on home security alarm systems and equipment. I’m talking free devices and equipment when you start protecting your home today.

Don’t wait. Start protecting your home and saving money with the smartest technology available.


* When used as directed, Honeywell programmable thermostats can save homeowners up to 33%, or up to $200 a year, on annual heating and cooling costs. Numbers based on average annual utility costs of $1500 with 50% going to heating and cooling costs and 33% savings if used as directed. Savings may vary depending on geographic region and usage. See for more information.


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