Zions Security is the Least Expensive way to get ADT Home Security in San Diego

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Zions Security is the Least Expensive way to get ADT Home Security in San Diego

Looking to get a Home Security System in San Diego?

You have come to the right place. We are the local ADT San Diego Authorized Dealer and are the least expensive way for you to get ADT.  ADT has over a century of experience with 7 million customers relying on them because of  their industry-leading experience, smart technology, and rapid response, answering 19 million alarm signals each year. ADT has options for the most basic alarm system to the most advanced automation system with cameras and the ability to control lights, locks, and thermostats. 

  • Six Company Owned Monitoring Stations (no one else has more than 3)
  • 140 Years in Business
  • Protects Homes and Businesses (Many of the top fortune 500 companies and government buildings rely on ADT)

Why get home or small business security with Zions Security Alarms?

You can talk directly with the owner that will make sure you get the best system for your needs.

  • More Free equipment with your account
  • Better price for your security system and any equipment beyond the free
  • Great service with the owner that you can reach easily
  • Highest Quality Equipment
  • Better assessment to make sure your needs are met
  • List of satisfied customers

Do you want to control your home or business alarm from your smartphone?

ADT Pulse is what most people are excited about. You can control your alarm system from your smartphone and receive notifications.

  • Find out if something happened or did not happen at the home or business
  • See what is going on at the home or business with ADT Pulse Video Cameras
  • Control Thermostats, lights, and deadbolts in the home or business with ADT Pulse

ADT San Diego Current Promotions

Zions Security Alarms, the local ADT Authorized Dealer, is ready to help you get an affordable security system. You can get a system that is not only easy to use but also the most cutting age technology. Monitoring rates are very affordable and could save you up to 20% off your homeowners insurance and 20% off of your utility bills. 

Call now 858-753-6111 now. We can usually fit you in within 24-48 hrs.

ADT San diego

San Diego Crime Statistics

The San Diego Police Department and many of the surrounding agencies report their crime statistics to the Automated Regional Justice System (ARJIS). That is where these most recent stats were taken from. The dates are from Oct 2013 to Sept 2014 to try and show an entire year. These are statistics for all of San Diego (including El Cajon, County Sheriff, Chula Vista, Coronado, Escondido, La Mesa, National City, and Oceanside), separate statistics can be found for each of these areas.

Murders – 67
Rapte – 704
Armed Robbery – 1082
Strong Arm Robbery – 1741
Aggravated Assault – 7151
Total Violent Crime – 10745

Residential Burglary – 7414
Non-Residential Burglary – 4514
Total Burglary – 11928

Theft more than $400 – 15541
Theft less than $400 – 23107
Total Thefts – 38648

Motor Vehicle Theft – 10138

Total Property Crime – 60714

Crime Index Total – 71459

San Diego Alarm Permit Information

The City of San Diego requires permits for all security systems. You can go online to pay by going here.  The cost for a residential alarm permit is $100.25 and they charge $173.25 for a commercial alarm permit and it lasts for 2 years. They allow 1 false alarm in a 30 day period, 2 in a 90-day period, 3 false alarms in a 180 day period,  and 4 in a year period.  They charge you $110 the first time, $220 the second time, and $330 the third time you go outside of their allowable terms.  After that it is $2200 each time.

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Cable or Satellite Options in San Diego

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