ADT Introduces Cloud Link to ADT Pulse Portfolio

ADT Pulse Cloud Link

ADT Introduces Cloud Link to ADT Pulse Portfolio

ADT Pulse Cloud LinkIt has been years since ADT Pulse has been available in North America. ADT has more than 1 million ADT Pulse customers. Now they can more easily grow that number even larger. With the new product called Cloud Link any security panel can have access to automation and video cameras with ADT Pulse.

ADT Pulse Cloud Access

When ADT Pulse was first introduced all customers needed to have a white iHub that connected via 4 wires to a board that connected to a few select security panels. If you have a Vista 20P (aka Safewatchpro 3000) that was older than the most recent year you had to replace it if you wanted to connect to the ADT Pulse iHub.  Then the iHub was replaced by the black Netgear Gateway. But it is still not the easiest process to add to a compatible security panel.

Then ADT released their Total Security platform. This was a game changer since it had the entire security panel, siren, gateway, cell radio, and back up battery all in one base station. It made installing ADT Pulse Automation and Video much easier.

Now a third option is introduced. Not to replace the others but to have another option. The Cloud Link gateway can be added to just about any security panel and home or business to instantly give them automation abilities with Z-Wave and also access to the ADT Pulse Wifi Camera selection.

In the past if someone wants a touchscreen keypad all in one solution like the Lynx Touch they were not able to add Pulse automation or video. Now they can.

ADT Lynx Touch and Cloud Link

All you need to do is plug the device into the wall and into your router and it is ready to be activated. Then you can start adding lights, thermostats, door locks, garage door controllers, and wifi cameras.

Anyone that has an existing ADT system that wants to add ADT Pulse is a perfect candidate to add the Cloud Link gateway so they do not have to replace their existing Impassa, Lynx Plus, etc…

One downside to the Cloud Link is that you cannot connect analog cameras to it via the Analog Encoders anymore. But if that is a requirement the Netgear Gateway is still available.

Also, if a customer really wants a color touchscreen keypad to control their security system, automation devices, and peek at cameras, they will still need to get the Netgear Gateway. The new CloudLink does not support ADT Pulse color touchscreen keypads.

More photos of the Cloud Link (copyright property of Zions Security Alarms)

ADT Cloud Link Side View ADT Cloud Link ADT Cloud Link with Cable

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